Reverse Mortgage Consulting Services Nationwide

  1. Starting a reverse mortgage operation or division from its inception. Capable of establishing the infrastructure to the origination department, the processing center as well as obtaining delegated underwriting approval from FHA.
  2. Expand existing reverse mortgage operations as well as in the forward lending arena.
  3. Trouble shoot and re-structure an existing reverse mortgage operation or forward mortgage operations.
  4. Recruiting and training in all areas of both areas of the mortgage banking industry.
  5. Establish all or additional investor relationships.
  6. Create the marketing programs and material needed in order to maximize success. Assist and create the website for a reverse mortgage or forward mortgage division.
  7. Hanover Financial Services Would be willing to bring to the table, a reverse mortgage proprietary program created by John A. Smaldone. The program is unique in nature and has not been released in the market place as of yet. If the right circumstances prevailed and the proper agreement was in place, John/Hanover would allow the program to be released under the name of the company john/Hanover had the consulting assignment with!
  8. Reverse mortgage “Processing Services”.
  9. Expert witness services.

Secondary Market Transactions

  1. We have the ability to handle either residential or commercial real-estate pools or individual loans.
  2. Will handle large portfolios and pools with no size limit.
  3. Will handle acquisitions of existing notes.
  4. Scratch and dent, non-performing loans, S.B.A. and FHA fall-outs.
  5. Arrange warehouse lines or expand existing one’s.
  6. Will handle branded Hotels, Motels, Shopping Centers, Convenient Stores, office complexes, strip centers, nursing homes, hospital’s and more.


Notary Services

Full Notary services in the state of Tennessee offered. Primarily services offered in Blount County, Knox County, Louden County, Monroe County and McMinn County.

John A. Smaldone
Executive Vice President
Hanover Financial Services
Reverse Mortgage Consulting Services

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