About John A Smaldone

Headshot-w-flagJohn A. Smaldone started his mortgage banking career in 1968 with Charter Mortgage out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Charter Mortgage Company was a subsidiary of Jacksonville National Bank.

In 1971 John formed Florida Southern Mortgage Corporation (FSM), which became the largest company in Florida. In 1978 FSM was merged into Broward Federal Savings and Loan Association. John after then joined PMI and headed up their secondary market division for the south east region.

John was the founder of Taylor, Bean and Whitaker Mortgage Corporation (TBW) in late 1981, he owned and operated the firm during its first ten years in business, which the company grew to the point it was in multiple states with over 325 employees. In 1991 John sold (TBW) to Security First Federal out of Peoria, Illinois. First Federal was forced into a supervisory letter by the OCC within two years of John selling it to them, John tried to acquire TBW back but was to late for the bidding process and it was sold to another group.

However, TBW went on to become the largest privately held mortgage banker in the country and the third largest FHA issuer nationwide.

The community bank & credit union program that John created as well as the business platform for TBW continued on nationwide after the firm was acquired by First Security Federal in 1991 and then consequently acquired two years later by another firm. That firm maintained the same platform John Smaldone created when the company was initially formed

John was also the former Senior Vice President and organizer of TransLand Financial Services Reverse Mortgage Division, which became the second largest producer of reverse mortgages in the mid and south eastern part of the United States for Financial Freedom. Unfortunately, TransLand Financial went into bankruptcy and closed offices in over 41 states. The bankruptcy was not due or had anything to do with the reverse mortgage division, which was a very profitable part of the company!

Since 2010 John has been the Executive Vice President of Hanover Financial Services. Hanover Financial is a consulting firm primarily in the reverse mortgage space as well as in the forward mortgage industry. John has a background trading mortgage portfolios in the  secondary market and has completed transactions nationwide.  John Smaldone has been the founder and majority stock holder of Hanover Financial, which was formed in 1994,

John Smaldones  mortgage banking experience spans over forty eight (49) years, twenty (20) of which have been in the reverse mortgage industry.

John is also known nationally for being a contributing writer for The Reverse Review magazine. Since 2009 John writes about three (3) articles per year for the Magazine, which has just come back into the market place. You will also see John’s comments almost daily in the on line publication, “Reverse Mortgage Daily Post”!

John intends to remain in the reverse mortgage area of the business taking on long term consulting assignments. A permanent consulting assignment, if offered, would be seriously considered. In addition to reverse and forward mortgages, John is still involved in handling secondary market transactions and commercial real-estate loans.

John A. Smaldone
Executive Vice President
Hanover Financial Services
Reverse Mortgage Consulting Services

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